Saturday, December 30, 2023

Here's another video that I first saw on Facebook and just found on YouTube:  It's Nina Tokayer, of the husband-and-wife duo Yonina, singing an Iron Swords version--the three-hanky version  😢  --of an old Israeli lullaby.  I'm copying the English translation from Facebook.

"Nomi Nomi" Iron Swords version - a lullaby for all the children and girls whose father recruits... Dedicated to all the heroic moms that protect home and life in this crazy reality.
Thanks to מוריה סבו who wrote the words. I really feel that of all my children, the current situation is the most challenging and confusing for a two and a half year old ex-lover, who can't yet understand where her father has been for three weeks... Hope this song will do good for the little ones and little ones like her.
Nom nomi nomi my child
Nom nomi nomi nim
My little nomi nomi
Nom nomi nomi nim
Dad went to the Army
Gone gone daddy
Will return at the end of the war.
Will bring you a kiss
Dad went to the troops
Gone gone daddy
All are saints and heroes
Keeping all the children safe
Dad went down south
Gone gone daddy
Let's pray that he returns safely
And go straight to sleep
Dad went to the reserves.
Gone gone daddy
He will come back with a dirty uniform
Will bring you hugs
Mom is right here beside you.
Mother mother is here
When a tear comes in your eyes
Give a hug and smile


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